Monday, October 25, 2010

Review - Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick

After seeing the most amazing Maybelline ads in the New York City subway last week, then reading some good reviews of their makeup online, I high-tailed it over to the drugstore to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd bought anything from Maybelline!

Lately, I've been wanting to branch out and try some lipstick colors that are bolder than the light pink and nude shades I generally stick to. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to test out a new color since Maybelline is relatively inexpensive.

I ended up picking up two lipsticks from Maybelline's Color Sensational line. Not that it really matters, but the packaging for this line is super cute. Check it out:
I chose Yummy Plummy, which is a deep mauve/plum color and Pearly Pink, a very light pink with loads of shimmer in it. They were about $10 each, which I thought was actually pretty pricey. I looked online though, and others said they found the Color Sensational line for around $6 each at Wal Mart. I got mine at CVS. 

Yummy Plummy is much darker than the colors I generally wear so I was unsure whether I would like it. On the other hand, I was almost positive I would love Pearly Pink because it fits into my "safe" lipstick zone of nude or light pink. Also, on display there was a photo of model, Christy Turlington wearing Pearly Pink and it looked divine on her. Here's the photo: 
To my surprise, I actually like Yummy Plummy better! I'm still getting used to it, but do think the color is very pretty. 

On the other hand, Pearly Pink, the color I thought would be a sure thing, is just okay. Since it is so light, I almost feel like it washes me out a bit. I am thinking it will look better in the summer when I get a tan. Also, I am somewhat turned off by the amount of shimmer in the lipstick. I didn't realize it would be so shimmery until I put it on. 

Both of the colors feel very nice and moisturizing, especially the Yummy Plummy. 

One thing I should mention - at first, I did not like the taste and smell of the lipsticks at all. This is weird, but you know how something can taste the way something else smells? Well, at first, I thought these lipsticks tasted (and smelled) like Play-Doh. Note: I have never eaten Play-Doh! I checked out some other reviews and many people actually like the way the Color Sensational line tastes and smells, so maybe it's just me. I think I am just used to my Aveda lipstick, which has the most amazing minty taste and smell. 

Anyway, it was a fun little experiment to try something new. Have you tried anything new lately? 


  1. you make me want to buy stuff now. lol

  2. Oh i love Yummy Plummy too!

  3. I fancy Pearly Pink. Bigtime. ♥


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