Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The lip product I've become addicted to

I went out to dinner last week with two of my dear friends at a great Italian restaurant uptown called Uva Wine Bar. If you're looking for an incredible meal in and cute setting this place is on point.  But this blog isn't about food ... 

My new favorite thing
While out to dinner, one of my lovely friends gave me a little present that I've since become addicted to! It's the DuWop IcedTeas translucent lip treatment in White Peach

Here's what the DuWop website has to say about its IcedTeas line:
Like a tall fruity beverage on a hot summer day DuWop's latest lip innovation, IcedTeas, are a refreshing addition to any makeup collection. Translucent lip treatments that pack the punch of exotic fruit flavor, a subtle cooling effect and the slightest hint of color. IcedTeas hydrate with jojoba oil, aloe and green tea extract and also contain sunscreen to protect lips.
I got this lip product about a week ago, and I've already used half the tube!

What I really love about this product is how it tastes, smells, and feels! It has a very light, peachy smell that is just divine. And, it is so silky smooth that I just want to keep pressing my lips together when I have it on. Also, it goes on with a slight cooling sensation, which I also like very much.

Though the DuWop website says the IcedTeas line gives the "slightest hint of color" I somewhat have to disagree. To me the White Peach color goes on completely clear, which is actually fine by me.

My major qualm with this product is the price. I was lucky enough to have received this product as a gift, and while I do love it, I'm not sure that I would purchase it for the $19 price tag. I would have no problem paying that much for a lipstick with color, but I just don't think this product, which is essentially a glorified chapstick, justifies the price. I just wish it was closer to $10 rather than $20. I guess I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Have you tried the DuWop IcedTeas line?

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