Monday, October 18, 2010

Michelle Williams transforms into Marilyn Monroe for new role

With her trademark red lips and blonde hair, Marilyn Monroe is the epitome of beauty and glamour. Years ago, I collected photos of her and hung them up all over my walls. These days, I still have a few framed Marilyn photos on display in my apartment. For me, just looking at photos of her leads to serious beauty inspiration. Quite simply, she is my favorite beauty icon of all time.

That's why I'm so excited for the upcoming film,
My Week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams. According to, Williams, 30, is portraying the infamous blonde "during a week she spent in England when she escaped from Hollywood hangers-on and the pressures of her career." The movie is set to come out in 2012.

In promos for the movie, Williams has been completely transformed into Monroe. 

Photo by Lorenzo Angius
Photo courtesy
The actress has been rocking the look off-screen as well. At the the BFI London Film Festival premiere of her new movie Blue Valentine, Williams was spotted with her new platinum blonde hair. (P.S. I love her dress in the photo below).
Photo courtesy
So many people have tried the Marilyn look over the years. What do you think of Williams' transformation?


  1. as much as I don't like scarlett johansson (my husband has an insane crush on her), I honestly thought if any Marilyn Monroe movie was made, she would be one to play it! From her D&G perfume adverts, she just fitted the bill..
    I guess Michelle Willliams looks more like her.. and is petite like her eh!

  2. Honestly, I thought Michelle Williams was somewhat of an odd choice myself. But, after seeing the images of her all dolled up as Marilyn, I get it! Scarlett would have made an awesome Marilyn!


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