Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eyeshadow as face highlighter? It works!

Highlighter is one of those beauty products that, for some, may be thought of as optional. But us hard-core beauty junkies know that highlighter is essential for adding luminosity to the face.

You know how some people just have glowing look to their skin? Well, highlighter can help you achieve that look.

There are tons of different highlighters available in cream, powder and mousse formulas but today I want to talk about the most unlikely highlighter of them all: eyeshadow.

First, a little background. I was using Yves Sain Laurent's Touche Eclat luminizing pen until about a week ago when it ran out. The Touche Eclat product is great, but I really didn't feel like dropping $40 on another one.

Then one day as I was applying Lorac's Enlighten eyeshadow (left) - a shimmery pearl color -- along my brow bone I had a revelation: this eyeshadow can be used as a multi-purpose face highlighter! I cautiously dabbed my blush brush into the shadow and applied it to the top of my cheekbones and down the middle of my nose. The results were instantaneous: A glowing fresh-faced look!

You probably already have an eyeshadow in your collection that can be used as highlighter. Any shimmering white or off-white color can potentially be used.

If you're not sure where to apply highlighter, check out my handy diagram below.
Have you ever tried using eyeshadow as a face highlighter?


  1. I've my tried using some of eyeshadow and concealer to highlight also. Works great

  2. My friend was asking me this question the other day: "what is that product that people use that makes their cheeks glow??"

    So I replied, "At the top of the cheeks? that'd be highlighter"

    She goes.. "Ok... can we go shopping and look for one for me??"

    I go: "You don't really need to! You can just use a shimmery eyeshadow tbh, but ok.. if you really want to spend money...!"

    Lol I so don't believe in wasting money on products that don't need to be bought.. unless they are exceedingly great products of course! But highlighter is something I skimp on because I have sooo many eyeshadows, and Im a firm believer in multitasking!

    Great post/tip =)

  3. Yep!!I have try it and it works like you mentioned!!!
    Lovely post hun!!!

  4. great tip! lovely hair =]


  5. Hey! Never tried the eyeshadow as a highlight but OMG your hair is amazing! The shine was the first thing I noticed and the curl is super cute. What did you use?

    - Christina Leilani

  6. Nice tip! Plus i like the clear diagram :)


  7. I've never tried eyeshadow as highlight but I do use MAC's Soft Brown as a blush/bronzer/contour!

  8. i use a pearly eyeshadow mixed with powder, WORKS GREAT!!! i cant believe i never tried this before

  9. It's work great..sometimes a lilttle touch of this eye shadow lighter n lip gloss is enough to lookin fresh n cute..

  10. I use Pacifica's eye shadow in Ethereal (it's a total dupe for Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm) as a face highlight. I've been doing it forever now because I have so many off-white, pearly, shimmery eye shadows that I don't see the point in wasting money on a highlighter. I'm not a fan of the "BAM!" in your face highlighter, but I LOVE that little bit of glow I get from this product. The best thing? I got it in an Ipsy bag (and it's full-size). The funny thing is that when I got it, it was shattered so I contacte Ipsy and they sent me a 2nd one right away! I don't mind that one of them is busted and now I have two.
    I absolutely LOVE multi-purpose makeup. Have you ever used bronzer or blush as an eye shadow? It works great!

  11. I just tried Stila's Kitten as a highlighter today and it looks amazing. It's a more "in your face" highlighter and I LOVES it.

  12. I just tried Stila's Kitten as a highlighter today and it looks amazing. It's a more "in your face" highlighter and I LOVES it.


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