Monday, April 4, 2011

Review - Almay Bright Eyes eye base + concealer

I got this product the other day because I ran out of both concealers I usually use. I didn't feel like running all the way over to Sephora so I just picked up something at the Rite Aid down the street. After a little hemming a hawing in the makeup aisle, I settled on the Almay Bright Eyes eye base and concealer, which I got for 40 percent off! (For around $7; score!)
As you could probably tell by the name of the product, it is both a concealer especially for the eye area and an eyeshadow base. According to Almay, the product contains a blend of marine extracts and white tea that "helps reduce the appearance of dark circles. Visually depuffs the eye area. Provides a smooth canvas for eye shadow application."

So what do I think of it?

When I first tried this product I really hated the packaging. Note: I typically use Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer, which has a really cool applicator that allows you to put the smallest dot of concealer on a certain spot. This product is totally different. Basically, you have to squeeze the tube and the concealer comes out onto a little brush.
The first time I used this concealer, I found it really hard to control the amount of product coming out onto the brush. I had the same issue the second time I used it... so I really don't like that.

Now you're probably wondering how well the product actually works. My assessment is that it does what it's supposed to do. It does brighten and conceal the eye area very well. Check out my results:

As an eyeshadow base, however, it is just okay. It does not work as well as the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, which is what I generally use, but it's better than nothing. While it provides a smooth finish for eyeshadow, it does not help the shadow go on as vibrant as other eyeshadow bases I have tried.

Important Note: This product does not conceal blemishes completely. Even if you have clear skin with just a few discolored spots from past blemishes, this concealer will not fully conceal those areas.

My final assessment? 

This is actually a pretty ingenious product that works well as a concealer around the eye area and alright as an eyeshadow base. It will not fully cover blemishes, and the packaging could be better, but it is a good product for the price.

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