Friday, November 19, 2010

The importance of eyeshadow primer: My scientific experiment

Pretties, I have been undertaking a little experiment for the past few days having to do with eyeshadow primer. Check out all the details below:

Abstract: I have only been using eyeshadow primer for about six months, and in that short time it has become an essential part of my makeup collection. In this experiment, I set out to prove that eyeshadow primer provides substantial benefits to makeup-wearers.

Hypothesis: Using eyeshadow primer causes shadow to be more vibrant and stay on longer.

For this experiment, I used Lorac's "Behind the Scenes Eye Primer" and Dior's "Ready to Glow" 5-colour iridescent eyeshadow palette.

Procedure: On the first day of the experiment, I applied the Lorac eyeshadow primer to my whole eyelid before applying my Dior eyeshadow. I took a photo right after I applied my makeup, then another photo 12 hours later. I did not retouch my eye makeup at all during the day or before the second photo was taken.

The second day of the experiment, I repeated the same steps as above, but did not apply primer before applying my eyeshadow.

The top two photos were taken on the first day of the experiment, when I used the eyeshadow primer. The bottom two photos were taken on the second day of the experiment when I did not use the primer. 

Discussion: As you can see from the chart above, there is not a huge difference between two photos taken right after my eyeshadow was applied. I think the real difference lies in the shots taken 12 hours later.

Twelve hours after my eyeshdow was applied with primer, some of the eyshadow had worn off, but it was still vibrant overall. Without primer, my eyeshdow was much more dull 12 hours after it was applied.

During the experiment, I also noticed that when I did not use primer I actually had to apply more shadow to get the same color payoff. When using primer, I only had to go over a single spot one time. When I did not use primer, I had to go over the same spot two or three times (when applying the light colors) to get the same color payoff.

Conclusion: My hypothesis is true! Using eyeshadow primer really does cause shadow to go on more vibrant and stay on longer. As an added benefit, it also allows you to use less eyeshadow.

However, I cannot say that this is true for every eyeshadow primer. I've only tried the Lorac primer, so I cannot speak for my own experiences with other products. I have heard that Too Faced "Shadow Insurance" primer is also very good though.

One more thing: People say that one of the most important reasons for eyeshadow primer is to prevent creasing. I guess I'm lucky, but my eyeshadow never creases (even without eyeshadow primer) so I could not evaluate that.

So tell me, do you use eyeshadow primer? If so, which is your favorite?


  1. You are most obviously a University or Grad student! haha What a nicely laid out experiment, this literally is scientific! haha I love how you did this, and how you proved your hypothesis! Also that primer looks great! ;)

  2. haha when I was writing it up I was laughing cause I felt like I was doing a report.

  3. Love, love, love that you used the Scientific Method to evaluate eye primer!!! :) What a difference in your 12 hours later photo! Wow! Yes, what a difference! I mean, who wants to reapply shadows during the day...all day wear is a MUST for eyeshadow! I have never tried the LORAC eye primer, but do love that brand. I alternate eye primers as I am gearing up for an eye primer comparisons blog post. During the week, I tend to use my cheaper e.l.f. primers (the reg and the mineral) the mineral a little better. And, I am testing out the Too Faced Shadow insurance (prob my fave) and UDPP. I dont have trouble with creasing, for me its all about increasing color payoff and extended shadow wear. Great blog post here...and love those Dior shadows too (swoon for Dior!). :)

  4. I use Canvas by Clinique. It works for me! :)

  5. Thanks for the comments, ladies! I will have to try some of the other primers you all recommended. I was wondering about the Sephora brand primer. It's a lot cheaper than Lorac but I sometimes don't like the makeup from Sephora brand so I was a little skeptical to try that one.

    1. I use Saphora Primer and it works really well!!


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