Monday, November 8, 2010

Berets: get on the bandwagon!

For the past two years I have been wanting a beret. When I first started working in Manhattan in the fall of 2008, I noticed tons of incredibly stylish lades rocking these classic floppy hats. I have always had a thing for hats but for some reason I've never purchased a beret ... until this weekend! 
Pictured above, Helen Kaminski "Reisa" Sculptured Beret - $98
Note: if you watched my massive November haul video you already know that I've imposed a spending freeze on myself and decided not buy any beauty products, clothes or shoes for the rest of the month. I have not messed up my budget already -- my mom bought me the beret! We were shopping in Target when I spotted so many cute options. I randomly put one on and my lovely mom offered to buy it for me! 

The beret dates back to France in the 19th century. Over the years, this type of hat has been adopted by military units, painters and fashionistas alike. These days, you can find berets in a huge range of styles and prices. If you're looking for a new winter hat, why not try a stylish beret? Here are some great options:
Coach Greta Glam Beret in Blue - $98
Juicy Couture Rhinestone Beret in Heather Cozy - $58

Do you wear berets?


  1. I have 8 berets and they mean one thing... winter chic. ♥

  2. cute blog,i like it :)
    hope you visit my blog too and dnt forget to follow if u like! :)


  3. I literally own one hat. Not even one beret, one hat !! I look so terrible in all hats no matter how I style them or do my hair. It's a curse!!


  4. love the colour of the one in the very first picture !
    i only have one black one !

  5. @Sara Louise I love it too! I want that hat but I can't justify a $98 hat when the holidays are coming up!

  6. i like berets too :)
    i even got one by dior, lol :)


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