Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fabulous handmade goodies found on Etsy

From ornate soaps and yummy body scrubs to chic bobby pins and headbands, Etsy has it all. It's an online community where people can buy and sell handmade or vintage items - and you must check it out, if you're not already hooked! Look at what I found: 
French chic set of 3 gold bobby pins - $9

 Makeup brush roll, organizer - $20.99
 Graceful natural shea and glycerin soap - $5
 Zebra makeup bag - $25
 Goddess headband (rhinestone, bead, silver sequin) - $52
 Skull goddess compact mirror - $19
 Raspberry cream cupcake goat's milk soap - $5.50
 Moonlit path soap - $4.25
Black "dauphin" silk turban knot headband - $36

You can also find a great selection of all-natural body scrubs, lotions and vegan makeup on Etsy.

Have you bought any beauty products from Etsy? I haven't, but I'm really tempted to get some of this stuff. I love the headbands and the cupcake soap is adorable!


  1. Those are such beautiful items!!! Love etsy...but, I browse more than I shop. So many creative people out there!

  2. @Pammy, same here. They are fun to look at though!

  3. Etsy has gorgeous handmade goodies!!Pretty finds doll!!!

  4. I LOVE Etsy!! I have bought tons of stuff from there. Orglamix cosmetics, hi-fi cosmetics, concrete minerals. You need to check them out!

  5. @makeupismymedicine thanks for the recommendations! I was very curious about the makeup on there. There was some really pretty shadows and other stuff.

  6. Great finds on Etsy! I really do love browsing there, so many great stuff



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