Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review - Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips

I received this box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips as part of the amazing gift bag given to those who attended the NYC Beautylish spring trends preview event several weeks ago.

These nail polish strips can be found wherever Sally Hansen products are sold (typically in drug stores) and cost around $9 for one box. They come in a range of fun colors and patterns, including everything from "electric shock," the bright yellow color I received (above) to "booty camp," a hot pink camouflage pattern. 

Sally Hansen is my favorite drug store nail polish brand, so I was super excited to give this product a try.
The package contains everything you need to apply one full set of nail polish strips, including an instruction sheet, cuticle stick, mini nail file/buffer and 16 nail polish strips.

Without further ado... check out my results: 
Now here are my thoughts about this product:

On a positive note, these nail polish strips are actually quite easy to apply. The instructions are clear and I quickly got the hang of it after applying one or two strips. There is no drying time whatsoever. They adhered well to the nail and did not peel off easily. Plus, they stayed on for several days without chipping.

Also, the bright yellow color I used is incredibly eye-catching and vibrant. It's not a color I would have normally picked out, but I ended up loving it!

The only criticism I have of this product is the strip-per-box ratio. Each box contains 16 strips, which is only enough for one full manicure. It would be much better if they included just four more strips per package so it would be possible to get two manicures out of one box! I get that people have different nail sizes, but I really don't understand putting 16 strips in each box -- it seems like such a waste. It's not enough strips for two manicures, but too many for just one. Odd.

One tip
Like the Minx manicure, these nail polish strips work better on nails that are not super short. When applying these strips you'll need to file off the excess, so having a little growth on your nails makes the application much, much easier.

My thoughts overall
This is an ingenious product that I will most likely be trying again. Unless you're a master nail artist, you just can't get these kind of designs without getting a Minx manicure, which is much more costly.

Have you used these nail polish strips? Do you think you'll try them.

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  1. The colour is simply STUNNING. I've been looking for such a vibrant yellow for so long...... errr not easy! xx


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