Monday, January 17, 2011

The Golden Globe for best hair and makeup goes to...

With her soft upswept curls and radiant, glowing complexion Amy Adams was my top pick of the night. I am having a hardcore love affair with red hair right now and hers is the best. 
Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway gets an honorable mention for her flowing chestnut brown waves and shimmering eyeshadow. I feel like she's done this look a thousand times but as they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. This look is just the epitome of glamour. 
And finally, I must mention Emma Stone, who had a huge beauty moment with her spotlight-stealing platinum blonde, sweeping updo and pretty peach makeup. From the dress to the hair and makeup -- her look was well thought out and pure perfection. This was the first time she's really stood out as a movie star to me. 

And now for the bad news. . . 

Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed with the hair and makeup looks coming out of this year's Golden Globes Awards. I was hoping for some fresh beauty inspiration but the typical long, loose waves and bouffant-style updos ruled the red carpet. 

I suppose the most notable hair story from the 2011 Globes was Olivia Wilde and Sandra Bullock both showing up with blunt bangs and stick straight hair -- a casual style that I was not really feeling for the black tie event. As for makeup, January Jones and Natalie Portman both wore a statement lip, but most others played it safe with neutral hues. 

Of course, most of the ladies still looked insanely gorgeous, even if they didn't show us anything particularly groundbreaking in the beauty department. 

So, what do you think of my top hair and makeup picks? Do you agree that it was kind a boring show beauty-wise? 

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