Saturday, March 12, 2011

I got a haircut! Come see...

So my hair was getting out of control long and split-endy. It had been more than five months since my last haircut, so I was definitely due. The length isn't much different now, but a lot of hair came off and the ends are all nice and clean. I also curled my hair differently in the "after" photo. It's more of a beachy wave, rather than a traditional, spiral curl that I usually don.

What do you think? If you all like the beachy wave look, I'll film a tutorial video.


  1. You look gorgeous doll!!And your hair in sooo good condition..I must admit at both pictures before and after!!!


  2. aww thanks, hun! The "before" looks like my hair was in good condition but the ends were totally split. Curling it masks the split ends, but they were there.


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