Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pain is beauty? Check out my worst curling iron burn ever.

If you're a regular Prettied Up reader, you probably already know that I curl my hair every morning. In fact, I have been curling my hair every single day for approximately the past ten years! So, it's a wonder that I haven't really suffered too many burns over the years except for the occasional slip of hot the curling iron on my forehead or neck. (Side note: Have you ever suffered a curling iron burn on your neck that looks like a hickie? Embarrassing!)

Well, I'm sad to say that my lucky streak ended this week. While I was wrapping the cord around the handle of my still-hot curling iron, it somehow slipped out of my hand and the hot barrel landed directly on my arm. Check out the results:
Ow! Even though the hot curling iron only made contact with my skin for about a second, it was enough to leave me with a burn down the inside of my whole left forearm.

I immediately put my arm under cold running water and took some Tylenol. I have been putting burn relief gel on it for the past two days and I'm really hoping it doesn't scar! Luckily it was just a minor burn so I really don't think it's going to leave any lasting marks.

Anyway, the incident was a good reminder about the importance of being careful when using hot hair appliances.

Have you ever suffered a curling iron burn?


  1. Owie!! Sorry to hear ("read") that this happened to you. I've had a curling iron burn on my forehead. Not fun. Got made fun of a lot LOL. Everyone still thought it was a hickie :) Feel better soon. I don't think it will scar, I hope not. But you can try Mederma. That works. Take care!

  2. I get curling iron burns too..I've had them on my neck (both sides), ears, forearm, thigh and the most wonderful forehead. I think I should use sponge rollers! hahahaha Here's to hoping you heal fast and painlessly!

  3. Yup... seems like lots of people have burned their forehead with the curling iron. Maybe we should call these "beauty battle wounds."

  4. Update: here's what the burn looks like two days post incident (looks worse, but doesn't hurt as much)

  5. Yup I have got burn by a curling iron twice an plus a iron an I'm only 13 and on dis grow ppl website tryna figure out how 2 get rid of my burn .wen I wus in da 6th grade I burn my self on da neck with a curling iron an didn't even sit on my skin dat long for it 2 make a mark every1 thought it look wus a hickie how embrrassing. Den wen I wus ironing I burn myself a little not bad at all.Den anutha time wus 2day it wus not even on my skin dat long mayb 2sec. and it didnt take long for it 2 make a mark not bigger Dan my pinky an wen dat happen I ran cool water on it for a while it stung but I'm okay now


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