Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Emma Watson tops the list of 2010's most Googled haircuts

After analyzing the billions of search queries from 2010, internet search giant Google has released its list of the top trends of 2010. One of the categories Google tracked was the most searched haircuts of the year. With her sophisticated and adorable new crop cut, Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson had the second most Googled haircut of the year. Who beat Watson out for the No. 1 spot? You'll never guess... 
... Lil Wayne! How odd, right? I can't say that I've ever been interested in the Cash Money Records rapper's hair, but apparently his long dreads are his trademark, and earlier this year there was a huge controversy over whether he would have to cut them off when he went to jail. 

Anyway, back to the gorgeous Watson. Since reaching mega-stardom for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, she has mostly rocked light brown, wavy hair that reached a little past her shoulders. This summer, after after finishing up filming the last two Harry Potter films, Watson decided to chop it all off and debuted her new blonde pixie 'do. 

Interestingly, those in Rhode Island, Utah and New Hampshire were the most interested in her new haircut, according to Google's statistics.

With her delicate features, Watson really pulls off the short haircut well. I love that it makes her stand out amongst the sea of long-haired beauties in Hollywood. 

What do you think of her short hair? 


  1. I saw her shorthair shot on magazine cover today,

    I think her face matches this hairstyle well, but in my impression, this haircut always go with blonde hair. maybe it look even better if she dyes her hair blonde?

  2. I dont like it :(
    I think that the length is perfect for her face shape I just think the cut could have been more edgier and choppy :/ guess that might just be me.

  3. @Emma it might be cute if she styled it spikey-like and a little messed up rather than so flat to her head.

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  5. looks great,
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